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Many, many readers, most recently Emily Schumacher of Peoria, IL, have Snobbishly written in to complain that, in the intro to The Rock Snob*s Dictionary, we note that David Crosby (unlike his more obscure and therefore more Snob-valued pal in the original lineup of the Byrds, Gene Clark) does not warrant his own entry in the book because “practically every person over thirty knows who he is and can hum a few bars of ‘Teach Your Children.’”

It’s that particular choice of song that raises Snob hackles, because, while it is undoubtedly a CSN song and unmistakably features the Cros’s keening high tenor, it was written by Graham Nash, not Crosby. Talk about nitpicking! “Yes,” writes young Emily, who admits she is under thirty years of age, “Crosby sang along with Stephen Stills to make it a hit record, but nevertheless, Graham’s catchy melody (not to mention Jerry Garcia’s funky steel guitar lick) helps make it hummable...not Crosby’s harmonies. Perhaps ‘Wooden Ships’ or ‘Long Time Gone’ might have been better choices to include for your example.”

Loved ones of Emily Schumacher, please get her help. It is not too late to rescue her from the violent throes of full-blown Rock Snobbery.

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