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Ryan McDermott of Washington, D.C., writes re: The Rock Snob*s Dictionary, “Where are Sonic Youth and Pavement? They are the purveyors of everything indie! Every band living right now owes everything to them. Plus, the album cover for Goo is one of the greatest of all time. Raymond Pettibon, come on. Maybe it was just a too-obvious choice. Maybe they aren’t obscure enough.” In a follow-up e-mail, Ryan writes, “And how about Serge Gainsbourg or the No Wave Movement???? [Punctuation Nitpicker’s own. –Ed.] Both on the fringe and hip as hell.”

Ryan, we indeed hemmed and hawed about including Pavement, deciding ultimately that Malkmus’s crew, while indisputably indie, lacked a certain Snob cachet. However, re: your queries on Sonic Youth, Gainsbourg, and No Wave... you can find entries on them on, respectively, pages 116, 47, and 85 of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary.

It appears that Ryan has violated the fundamental tenet of the Nitpicker’s Corner, which is, “Only persons who have purchased the books are entitled to nitpick.” This excludes Snobbie Come Latelies who have merely browsed the text samples on this Web site. Ryan, do the righteous thing, go to your local bookseller or to the Amazon link, and buy many copies to atone for your sin.

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