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Confirmed Film Snob Andrew Patner of Chicago kindly tells us, “Your takes on the critics are all spot on and your choices of same are discerning and worthy of true Film Snob status. I’m guessing that there is some Chicago connection here given your Rosenbaum, Kehr, Doc Films, and Facets items. [Actually, not really; we just couldn’t ignore the high density of Film Snobs in the Chicagoland area. –Ed.] That said, you really can’t talk CHOP-SOCKY or WIRE-FU and IRANIAN NEW WAVE without mentioning Barbara Scharres and the Film Center of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago–she was and remains ahead of the curve on both of these from the beginning.”

Okay, Andrew, big up to BarSchar!

Andrew adds, “Copy editing and proofreading for the most part matches your fines [sic] style and careful writing. Still, I’m looking forward to the DIRECTOR’S CUT DVD of Gary Cooper in Henry Hathaway’s LIVES OF A BENGAL *DANCER* (this whoops! appears
at the bottom of page 32).”

Whoops, indeed. It’s Lives of a Bengal Lancer. The as-yet-unmade Lives of a Bengal Dancer will be about showboating Cincinnati wideout Chad Johnson.

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