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Scary black-metalist Hugh Gaukroger of Sydney, Australia–make that Hügh Gaükrögër–chides us, “Your section on ‘Norwegian death metal’ [pp. 84-85 in the Rock Snob book] is completely wrong. It’s actually Norwegian Black Metal, and no mention is made of the corpse paint, suicide, and church burnings that made this genre something different. I would think that Rock Snobs would also use the correct names of the “death-metal star(s)”–Varg Qisling Larssøn Vikernes, born Kristian Vikernes (Count Grishnackh) and Øystein Aarseth (Euronymous).”

We would link to some Norwegian corpse-paint and church-burning articles we’ve read on the Web, were we not concerned that Hugh might knife us to death.

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