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Only a few days after its publication, The Film Snob*s Dictionary is bringing out the Cine-Nitpickers. The first we’ll mention by name is Jared Hersh of Santa Barbara, CA, who takes issue with our assertion in the intro that “the only Tom Cruise movie it’s okay for Snobs to like is Ridley Scott’s Legend.”

“Is it okay for a Snob to like Magnolia?” writes Jared. “I think of it more as a Paul Thomas Anderson film than a Tom Cruise movie, and besides, I hope that Cruise’s presence is more than offset by Philip Baker Hall and Philip Seymour Hoffman, two Phils that I doubt I am the only Snob in worshipping.”

A point well taken, Jared, though Magnolia is so ensemblirific (with not just the two Philips and Tom but John C. Reilly, Julianne Moore, Jason Robards, Bill Macy, and Luis Guzmán) that, as you say, it’s not really a Tom Cruise movie. It is, however, a Snob classic, all the more so because it has Rock Snob as well as Film Snob cred–Anderson has explained in interviews that he constructed the movie around Aimee Mann songs.

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