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Mark Sullivan of lovely Silver Spring, Maryland, has a bone to pick with us re: our Lee Hazlewood entry in the book. “While I congratulate you on spelling ‘Hazlewood’ right (instead of HazELwood, as it is so often misspelled, even on record labels of cover versions of his songs), his solo debut came a full decade before 1973’s Poet, Fool or Bum,” Mark writes. “In fact, that was his last solo album to be released domestically (prior to Steve Shelley’s reissues). His debut solo album was Trouble Is a Lonesome Town, released in 1963 by Mercury (since reissued on CD by Smells Like Records). It was the first of many, including The NSVIP’s, The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood (with his own version of “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'’), Hazlewoodism: Its
Cause and Cure
, Love & Other Crimes, Friday’s Child and The Cowboy & The Lady, a set of duets with Ann Margret, among others, all in the 10 years before Poet, Fool or Bum.”

Mark, thank you for setting the record straight without any rancor of condescension. You are both a model of decorum to us and a disappointment to vitriolic Rock Snob nitpickers everywhere.

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