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John Upchurch of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, writes, “Being a proud owner of the re-issue of the Monks’ Black Monk Time, I feel compelled, in a fit of snobbery, to report that the album re-issue came out in Feb ’97 (not ’99) on the short-lived Infinite Zero imprint in conjunction with American Recordings/Warner Bros. No hard feelings.”

John adds, “For the record, Infinite Zero also released re-issues by the following: James Chance; Gang of Four; Alan Vega; Trouble Funk; and, last but not least, Iceberg Slim.” You not only remember eight-year-old release dates to the precise month, you know the back catalogues of defunct, short-lived labels! A virtuosic display of Snobbery, John! If we may amend your already over-amended nitpick, Trouble Funk was the band at the epicenter of Washington, D.C.’s “go-go” scene of the 1980s. They even appeared in a go-go cash-in movie called Good to Go, whose star, bizarrely, was Art Garfunkel.

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