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Blogger Michael Nagrant has an amusing post over at Serious Eats about the soul-crushing overpopularity of bacon. In the old days, having a bacon fetish was an endearing eccentricity reserved for affable kooks like Dan Philips of the Grateful Palate.

As Nagrant explains, “About 10 years ago because of cholesterol concerns and all that, the love for [bacon] was a bit underground. It was like loving Murmur-era, ‘Radio Free Europe,’ Athens, Georgia, R.E.M. But during the last five years or so, the love for bacon became a gluttonous free-for-all. It was like when the album Out of Time came out, and damn if you didn’t lose your religion regarding Michael Stipe. These days bacon’s covered in chocolate and it’s deep-fried. Bacon’s bigger than the Jonas Brothers. Hell, it is the Jonas Brothers of food products.

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