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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Rare is the Brian Wilson interview in which the old Beach Boy speaks in anything but banalities about God, the surf, the sun, Phil Spector, the Four Freshmen, and “the music in my head.” But Ben Marshall somehow got more out of Wilson in his brief interview in the October issue of Uncut.

Pressed to name his favorite rap song, Wilson pretty much disowns the genre, saying “I don’t need to listen to music that brings me down with negative thoughts. I prefer to listen to music that makes me happy.” (Let’s get him some old-school Digital Underground!)

Asked what qualities he inherited from each parent, he says “Well, my mother gave me love. My father gave me big, hot balls… He’s tell me to write No. 1 hits, and I did.” (For more on Murry Wilson, watch this.)

And when polled about his presidential preference, Wilson responds, “McCain. John McCain. He has a good smile. He is a good man, I think.”

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