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Dennis Wilson (Reduced).jpg

As noted in The Rock Snob*s Dictionary, under the entry WILSON, DENNIS: “Long suspected of being a marginally talented surfer-stoner dude who was merely along for the ride with genius older brother Brian Wilson... Dennis surprised fans when, as a novice songwriter in the late Sixties, he ably crafted emotionally fraught ballads; his out-of-print 1977 solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, is a major cause-célèbre among Snobs.”

Hard to believe in this relentlessly archival, reissue-mad age, but until this week, Pacific Ocean Blue was still out of print–it never had even a half-assed CD version released (legally) in the 1990s. Over at Snob HQ, we’ve long had to rely on out vintage vinyl version (pictured above), whose sleeve is fun to fold out so you can pretend to be passing the hours with Dennis at his most bearded and wharf-rat sozzled.

But you can now buy an authorized version of Pacific Ocean Blue, which comes with an extra disc devoted to material from Wilson’s aborted follow-up, Bambu. For the more militant of Rock Snobs, this is a sad week, since one of their most cherished out-of-print trophies has lost its obscurity value. But for the more benign Snob, this is a good time to revel anew as Dennis rasps his way through “River Song.”

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