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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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It’s been more than two years since Yacht Rock, J.D. Ryznar’s ebulliently inventive Channel 101 Web series about the late-’70s SoCal smooth-music scene, became a cultural phenomenon. But the aftershocks are still occurring, as the figures lovingly parodied in the show are getting hip to Yacht Rock, and, in some cases, meeting its creators. Last year, Ryznar reported that Steely Dan and Michael McDonald, for an encore at a concert they were doing together, returned to the stage wearing captain’s hats, the signature headgear of Yacht Rockers. And it was our pleasure, at a spring 2006 Beverly Hills party to celebrate the publication of The Film Snob*s Dictionary, to introduce the real Steve Porcaro of Toto (played by Sarah Silverman Show regular Steve Agee in Yacht Rock) to Hunter Stair, the handsome, bearded young fellow who played Kenny Loggins:


Now comes astonishing photographic evidence of good sports Daryl Hall and John Oates posing with the actors who portrayed them in Yacht Rock as short-fused fashion-crimers, Wade Randolph (in cap, far right), and Drew Hancock (in glasses, far left):

Hall Oates.tiff

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