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In conjunction with the October 9 publication of The Food Snob’s Dictionary, Snobsite is taking on a new multiblog format. This way, Rock, Film, and Food Snobs visiting this site will now be able to avoid topics not to their liking, and there won’t be any ugly fistfights over the merits of Captain Beefheart versus Wagyu beef. On the other hand, the well-rounded Snob will have more time-wasting material than ever to peruse.

We are also adding a new section called the Snob Shop to expedite your purchase of the Snob books and (coming soon!) Snob t-shirts. And we’ll be reviving the moribund Nitpicker’s Corner, our section where readers are invited to write to us and take us to task for glaring omissions and factual slip-ups. Already, we’re rueing that we didn’t include the word “locavore” in Food Snob.

The Food Snob’s Dictionary is a necessary primer for those seeking to understand the growing scourge/phenomenon of Food Snobbery. And look, even Anthony Bourdain is weighing in on the subject! So let this silly little book into your life.

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