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David Kamp writes…

As my story on Sly Stone for Vanity Fair was going to press, really late in the game, Sly’s sister Vet called to tell me that her brother wanted to send me a statement “about what’s going on now, about the war.” I was told to expect a fax. And the following morning, upon arising, I found this extraordinary document waiting in the machine. I could only fit a small snippet of it into the article, but it’s such a fascinating, free-associative note–encompassing current events, his take on my persistent pursuit of an interview with him, his own fears of being portrayed in a bad light, some borderline Borscht Belt humor, and a playful (?) threat–that I thought you’d enjoy reading it. And trying to parse it.

By the way, his sister says he liked the story.

Sly 1.JPG

Sly 2.JPG

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