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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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It’s not coming out ’til October, but The Food Snob’s Dictionary is already splashed out across Broadway Books’s fall catalog with a brief Snob Aptitude quiz. Because you are not, in all likelihood, a bookseller who gets catalogs from publishers, we thought we’d share the quiz–and test your Food Snob knowledge.

1. Chino Farm is…
a. A discount retailer of khaki pants for plus-sized women.
b. A small family farm in southern California, famous in chef circles for its gorgeous, flavorful produce
c. A New York late-night hotpsot with an ironic Chinese Cultural Revolution theme

2. Escoffier is…
a. The architect who designed the Eiffel Tower
b. An unhandsome but charismatic Formula One racer from the 1960s who dated Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and Julie Christie
c. A chef of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century who codified classic French cuisine as we know it

3. Humboldt Fog is defined as…
a. A seasonal weather pattern that occurs in the Pacific Northwest when El Niño is in effect and Mercury is in retrograde
b. A transcendent northern California goat cheese with a bloomy rind, a center layer of vegetable ash, and an interior that’s runny on the outer edges and chalky in the interior
c. A middling 1970s pub-rock band from Britain whose members later went on to form the Clash

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