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Lawrence Levi and David Kamp, the Film Snob brain trust, appeared on Tuesday, February 13, on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show to discuss films, snobbery, and the Oscars. You can listen to us here.

One charming postscript to our appearance: In discussing nominee Helen Mirren’s oeuvre, Lawrence brought up her killer performance in 1980’s The Long Good Friday but couldn’t remember the name of that movie’s director. Seconds after we were finished with our segment, a WNYC staffer alerted us that Martin Scorsese was listening, and had instructed his assistant to call in to tell us that the director of Long Good Friday was John Mackenzie.

Thanks, Marty! What a wonderful way to underscore what we say about you in the book: that you’re an “effervescent enthusiast,” a film buff rather than a snob, because you wish to share your knowledge rather than hoard it.

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