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The idea of Joe Blogspot or Tina TypePad blogging his or her way through Woody Allen’s entire oeuvre sounds execrable, a worst-case scenario of 21st century compu-diddle. But in the hands of a writer as gifted, incisive, and funny as David Rakoff, this exercise (done for a site called Nextbook) produces something wonderful, evocative of the days when The New Yorker let Pauline Kael run free for 20,000 words on one subject over two issues. In his entry that pairs Interiors with Stardust Memories, Rakoff declares that the former film “seems like it was dubbed into English from the original Thorzine”; mapping out Charlotte Rampling’s face in the latter, Rakoff notes “those beryl eyes and an upper lip that looks like she’s simultaneously pushing it out and eating it from the inside.”

Read the whole of Rakoff’s plunge into Woody World here.

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