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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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We apologize for this site’s relative inactivity over the last few months; other responsibilities have claimed our time. But come 2007, the site will be retooled somewhat to acknowledge the all-encompassing international juggernaut that brand Snob has become.

Why, already, The Rock Snob*s Dictionary has been translated into French and issued in France as Le Dictionnaire Snob du Rock:

French Rock Snob.jpg

And over in Italy, the publisher Enzo Sellerio has issued a gorgeous, pocket-sized version of The Film Snob*s Dictionary, known to Italians as Dizionario Snob del Cinema:

Italian Film Snob.jpg

The Dizionario has already received a rave in La Republica delle Donne, if any of you know how to read Italian.

Up next in America: The Food Snob’s Dictionary, by David Kamp and Marion Rosenfeld, coming from Broadway Books in autumn 2007. Happy New Year, and, to quote Rock Snobbishly from an early Mercury Rev album title, see you on the other side.

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