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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Everyone knows that lots of musicians have surprisingly intimate MySpace pages. But few have as delightful and forthright an profile page as Tamerlane Phillips (above), the kindhearted son of the late Rock Snob cause célèbre John (Wolfking of L.A.) Phillips. Tamerlane, a singer-songwriter in his own right and the sister of Bijou Phillips (both were born to model-actress Genevieve Waite, John’s third wife), gives the thumbs down to the Midrise Queen Airbed with Pump, lamenting, “This is my second airbed the first one would deflate while you are sleeping and you wake up on the floor this one also deflates in the middle of night. If you want to buy an airbed spend alot of money and buy a quality one.”

Sound consumer tip, sir! Tamerlane also misspells the name of his father’s group (“My father is papa john phillips of the mammas and the pappas”) in his review of The Chelsea Hotel, but he raves over the hotel itself (“The chelsea has specially thick walls so that the many musicians and singers can pracice without disturbing the other tenants”), and also liked a book he read about Adnan Khashoggi.

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