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Sifting daily through the mail that comes to us via the Nitpicker’s Corner section of the site–most of it from aggrieved fans of Guided by Voices, wondering why their favorite indie band didn’t make it into The Rock Snob*s Dictionary–we must necessarily deal with a torrent of pharmaceutical spam (Viagra, Cialis, Vioxx, etc.). Usually, these spam e-mails spout gibberish in their subject lines, but occasionally, the subject line will be a bit of found narrative–lifted from, say, Wilkie Collins’s The Woman in White–or, in the case of a spam e-mail we received yesterday, from ’80s synth pop. The e-mail in question arrived with the subject line “The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had”–a lyric familiar to anyone who moped through the early ’80s in eyeliner from the song “Mad World” by the pre-“Shout,” wedge-haircut-and-overcoats-era Tears for Fears (above). We opened the e-mail, suspecting it was from an aggrieved goth, only to find the usual pitch for generic Viagra.

Which makes us wonder: Does anyone out there know how and where these spam subject lines are generated? Even if it’s in some boiler room in Malaysia, you wonder whose idea it was to plunder the Roland Orzabal songbook.

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