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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Jan. 27
The crowd in the Staples Center is atwitter at the sight of Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy sitting next to Jack Nicholson at courtside.

Feb. 6
Miami teen named Cat delights in her discovery in a vintage shop of an enormous black overcoat from Shaquille O’Neal’s defunct TWisM clothing line. Despite her city’s high temperatures, she proudly wears the coat to the game against the Celtics at American Airlines Arena, having customized it by slashing off the hem and covering the lapels with Napalm Death, NIN, and Dwyane Wade pins.

Feb. 9
After Orlando Magic guard DeShawn Stevenson fouls out in overtime against the home-team Milwaukee Bucks, the organist strikes up the Siouxsie, cueing the Milwaukee crowd to serenade Stevenson with “Ohhhh-oh! Now–your–cit-tee lies in dussst!” as he slinks off the court.

Feb. 13
In the “MAKES ME SAD” section of her Suicide Girls profile, a nipple-pierced goth named Blixa writes, “The way Ron Artest is so misunderstood :-(”

Feb. 16

Dearborn, Michigan, teen who calls herself Raven slits her wrists after Darko Milicic is traded from Detroit to Orlando.

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