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The New York Post’s ageless–ageless!–columnist Cindy Adams (above) writes in today’s column that she has read The Film Snob*s Dictionary and doesn’t get why we say that “the only Tom Cruise movie it’s okay for Snobs to like is Ridley Scott’s Legend.”

Cindy, if you even have to ask… but we will say that, for starters, U.S. audiences only got to see the tragically truncated 89-minute version, while the European version ran nearly a half-hour longer. That alone is enough to create a Snob cause célèbre.

As Cindy herself might say, possibly maybe perhaps we just might elaborate on this when the people who elaborate on such things feel like elaborating some more if they’re in an elaborating mood. And when the room service people in the Shanghai Mandarin Oriental figure out how to make a simple bagel with a schmear for Joey. Is all we’re saying.

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