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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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At long blessed last, this site has been updated to accomodate the imminent publication (on February 21, to be specific) of The Film Snob*s Dictionary. Please visit this area to read a selection of excerpts from the new Snob book, and visit this area for a clinical yet laffical explanation of the phenomenon/pathology known as Film Snobbery. And ornery Film Snobs who’ve read the new book will have their chance to join apoplectic Rock Snobs by writing into the Nitpickers’ Corner part of this site to complain about things we’ve allegedly gotten wrong!

In related news, the co-authors of The Film Snob*s Dictionary, David Kamp and Lawrence Levi, will be appearing for an “in-store event” at Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on Wednesday, March 1–just one week after Senator Barbara Boxer’s appearance in the same store, and just six days prior to Jack Klugman’s to promote his memoir Tony and Me: A Story of Friendship. Well worth visiting L.A. for a fortnight, if you ask us.

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