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A final update on the intrigue surrounding “Joyce,” the subject of and artiste behind what is widely regarded as the world’s worst album cover. Nick DiFonzo, whose excellent Bizarre Records site is the original disseminator of the Joyce cover, confirms that the lady pictured (circa 1983) is indeed Joyce Drake, a pastor’s wife from Sealy, Texas. He even includes this sound clip from Joyce’s hot C&W-style track “I Get All Excited.” Reader Ed Davis of Flint, Michigan, had wondered in a previous post precisely “what it would be that would get Joyce ‘all excited.’” Ed, now we know that what gets Joyce excited is “when you talk about the love of Jesus”!

As for Mark Newnham of Denver, who had speculated that the “Joyce” of the album cover was the British actress Maureen Lipman dressed in character as music-hall oddity Joyce Grenfell… well, the crow-eating, humble-pie-consuming Newnham contacted us to say, “After listening to [the Bizarre Records clip], I’ll withdraw this. The song is clearly a religious one… and Maureen Lipman is well-known as a Jewish actress, also being the wife of the late director Jack Rosenthal.”

We now conclude our diversion into obscure Christian records and the history of British Jewish musical theater and return to our regular Rock Snob programming.

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