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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Our Canadian mate Joe Clark alerts us to an article in the Guardian that attempts to cobble together a posthumous list of beloved DJ John Peel’s favorite–er, “favourite”–albums of all time. You can link to it here, but what we most appreciated was Joe’s assessment of Peel’s all-time #1: “Oh, dear. Trout Mask Replica. The Brief History of Time of Rock Snobs.”

In the new issue of Blender, Rock Snob Hall of Famer Cameron Crowe offers another sort of list, of his all-time favorite deployments of tunes in movies, a subject of which he knows plenty. His answers are as Snobworthy as expected–e.g., Nilsson’s “Jump Into the Fire” in GoodFellas, Nico’s “These Days” in The Royal Tenenbaums–but the best part is when he tips his hat to fellow jukebox-cinelubricator Quentin Tarantino, calling him “one of the best when it comes to needle drops.” From here on in, “needle drop” will be the Official Snob Term for an expert deployment of a Snobworthy rock song in a movie scene.

Finally, we sometimes go to this site, a section of some guy’s blog devoted to the Worst Album Covers Ever, when we’re feeling blue and need some absurdist cheering up. We’ve long been especially intrigued by the bargain-bin find pictured below–what looks to be a self-financed vanity record, circa 1982, by someone named Joyce, who looks remarkably like Dustin Hoffman in the title role of Tootsie. What were the circumstances under which the album was made? Who is this Joyce? What is her last name? A free copy of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary goes out to whomever can fill us in.


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