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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Here at Rock Snob HQ, we’ve long had an obsession with Garth Hudson (above), the soft-spoken, Santa-like keyboard wizard for The Band, who seems to have been time-portal’d into our world from the nineteenth century. The release of the extraordinary new Band box set, The Band: A Musical History, has led us to the unexpected discovery of Garth’s new quasi-blog, which is distinct from his straight-ahead Web site. Much of the site, called (after Hudson and his equally folkloric wife, Maud) is still under construction, meaning that it’s not entirely conceptualized and off the ground. But there’s a section called “Garth Rotlings” in which Garth promises to “let you in on my thoughts at the moment, or post a joke that just came my way, or tell you about something that has just happened… maybe about music, maybe about transportation, maybe legal matters, possibly what Thumbs the cat just played on the piano.”

There’s something immensely charming about the idea of this eccentric, prodigiously bearded man, known for scavenging strange old instruments from pawn shops, keeping an online journal of his “Rotlings.”

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