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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Even New Orleans’s merriest musicians are having a hard time keeping their game faces on. Said Art Neville, “There are some things you will never get back. It will be Newer Orleans.” And the normally mischievous Dr. John sounded pretty downbeat in this radio interview, in which he said “The worst part about it–I keep havin’ these dreams this thing’s like a domino effect that could go through the whole United States.” Ain’t no dream: the ripple effect of Katrina is felt from coast to coast, and it’s high time to embrace the culture of sacrifice that our American forebears took for granted before American life was redefined as the inalienable right to a Hummer, a plasma-screen TV, and a contract/makeover deal with J Records. If you can’t chip in and volunteer, at least donate to the American Red Cross or Dr. John’s recommendation, the Salvation Army. For those of you with iTunes accounts, the iTunes Music Store has set up a series of handy one-click buttons that allow you to donate as much as you want to the Red Cross, with the donation charged to your credit card that Apple has on file.

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