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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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C’mon: Everybody’s doing it. The Rock Snob*s Dictionary is now in its fourth printing, and you still haven’t gotten your copy, chump? How do you expect to hold up your end in bull sessions about Curt Boettcher and the golden age of Sunshine Pop?

What’s more, there’s so much more Snob product in the pipeline: in the new (October) issue of Vanity Fair (but not online, alas) is the second volume of “The Football Snob’s Dictionary,” by David Kamp and Peter Richmond, and coming up in VF’s November issue is the debut of “The Wine Snob’s Dictionary,” by David Kamp and, making his Snob debut, David Lynch, chief wine guy of Mario Batali’s Babbo and co-author of the SEMINAL Italian-wine guide Vino Italiano.

The whole world’s goin’ Snob, man. And let’s not forget that, come February, Broadway Books will publish The Film Snob*s Dictionary, by David Kamp with Lawrence Levi. So join the Snob club now, while it’s still exclusive and… snobby.

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