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We kvell, wish nachas, and conjure every other upbeat Yiddish word we can think of for our friend Barney Hoskyns, music journalist extraordinaire and editor of the awesome archival site Rock’s Back Pages, who has a new book coming out about the Laurel Canyon scene (see page 62 of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary) called Hotel California: Singer-Songwriters & Cocaine Cowboys in the L.A. Canyons 1967-1976. (The U.K. cover is pictured; the U.S. edition comes out next spring.) Please buy Barney’s book and get the scoop on why David Geffen felt like a free man in Paris, how often Carole King laundered her denim, and what the real story was on Randy Meisner’s controversial removal of his mustache circa 1975.

And, though we belabor the point, if you haven’t been following JD Ryznar and Hunter Stair’s brilliant serial Yacht Rock on the guerilla-TV website Channel 101, you’re missing out on the best rock comedy this side of Jack Black. The boys have just posted their latest, Yacht Rock 3 (photo of Stair-as-Loggins below), in which grief propels Kenny Loggins out of the gentle embrace of his buddies Michael McDonald and Steely Dan and into the compressed-drum clutches of eighties soundtrack rock! But if you’re a stranger to Ryznar and Stair’s work, you’d be wise check out Channel 101’s archives and get up to speed on the previous episodes before watching the new one.


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