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Even Rock Snobs are known to have hearts. There are lots of ways to help out the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the people of the city of New Orleans, home of Dr. John and the recently reunited original Meters. For now, the sanest, safest thing to do is donate money via the American Red Cross. Info on benefits to come.

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Meredith Ochs of National Public Radio made The Rock Snob*s Dictionary the subject of a review/pensée on All Things Considered on August 26. Listen to it here.

And if you’d like to hear David and Steven themselves yammer on about the book, click here to hear their corking appearance on WNYC’s Soundcheck program back in June.

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The body count in Iraq climbs, our leaders delude and obfuscate, and The New Republic, one of our foremost journals of political discourse and public policy, devotes a page to Rock Snobbery. Thanks, Michael Crowley!

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ROBERT MOOG, 1934-2005

We take a moment to remember the synth pioneer Robert Moog (pp. 74-75 in The Rock Snob*s Dictionary), who died yesterday. Neither rock nor Rock Snobbery would have been the same without this gentle fellow–think of the stately BWOMP-bomp-bomp-bomp-bomp-bomp-bomp-bomp-BWAAAH that follows the line “Love is old/ Love is new” in the Beatles’ “Because,” or the Buh-buh bup-bup-BUP! bassline of Devo’s “Whip It,” or just about anything on Stevie Wonder's Innervisions–all Moog-driven (or Mini-Moog-driven) songs. And if you must, think also of Keith Emerson’s contributions to the prog canon. Whatever your musical persuasion, your raw nerves have been salved by this man at one point or another, and, if the obits are anything to go by, he was a lovely, thoughtful man as well. Rest well, Bob–and make sure all the Snobs in Snob Heaven know it’s pronounced “MOAG.”

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For those of you who can’t get enough of eardrum-corroding German industrial music and love to putter around in the kitchen, take heart: There’s a delightful site on the Web called Einstürzende Neueküchen, which bills itself as “a virtual cookbook of recipes contributed by the worldwide society of supporters and fans of Einstürzende Neubauten.” Not only do fans of the cumbersomely named German band, featured on page 36 of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary, now have a place to exchange their secret formulas for spoon bread and melon-habanero salsa (for real!), but the band members themselves kick in a few of their own culinary can’t-misses. Our favorite is chief Neubaten-er Blixa Bargeld’s recipe for “Blixa’s Tintenfisch Risotto (Squid Risotto).”

In other culinary news related to German music, Mojo this month scores a rare interview with Kraftwerk main man-machine Ralf Hutter, who has this to say about the term “Krautrock”:

“This is a term we would never use. Nobody in Germany knows this term. We don’t eat sauerkraut. It simply doesn’t exist. If you find it in Germany, it has been brought in from the outside.”

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From the September 2005 issue of Mojo:

“Kamp and Daly accurately, but with tongue in cheek, nail rock elitism, assessing that ‘Mojo is the compulsory Snob read since its founding in 1992.’ May the spirit of Nick Drake be with you for ever more.”

Hey, thanks, guys.

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A couple of years ago, one of us (Mr. Kamp) had the opportunity to ask Freddie Stewart, guitarist-vocalist of Sly and the Family Stone, how his brother, Sly (a.k.a. Sylvester Stewart), came up with the “Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego” chant for the song “Loose Booty”–a chant that was later repurposed as the backbone of the Beastie Boys’ song “Shadrach.” Here’s what Freddie said:

“Number one, our whole lives were centered around the church when we were kids. And number two, Sylvester wanted to say something rhythmic. If you listen, the song's got that natural rhythm–‘Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego!’ Sylvester just went to a phrase from scripture. And then, to put it in a song called ‘Loose Booty,’ well, that’s north and south, two extremes. Also, when we recorded it, that was a nutty time.”

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