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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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We’re periodically alerted to amusing little films trouvés on the ’Net that are shockingly Rock Snob-specific in content. Today, we’re linking to a few.

First up is Yacht Rock (pictured above), the brilliant rockumentary parody cooked up by underemployed L.A.-comedy knockabouts J.D. Ryznar and Hunter Stair for Channel 101, the guerilla ’Net “TV network.” Ryznar and Stair are determined to tell the behind-the-smoothness story of every late-’70s and early-’80s hit churned out by Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, and Christopher Cross (perhaps they’ll have time for Gerry Rafferty and Andrew Gold as well?), and they’ve just released their second chapter, Yacht Rock 2.

Also unmissable for any sun-drenched Snob is the series of Rock ’n’ Roll Dad shorts available the animation site Icebox. These shorts, by Peter Bagge and Dana Gould, have been around for a few years, but anyone who’s pathologically interested in Brian Wilson’s tragic upbringing by his rage-oholic dad Murry–which is, let’s face it, anyone who visits this site–would do well to catch up on them. Surely no Beach Boys scholar, not David Leaf nor Timothy White, has as astutely captured Murry’s delusion and jealousy as Bagge and Gould have here. And Murry really did have a glass eye.

Finally, there’s this little piece of genuine verité (click on the “Gemstones Promotional Film” option), a compressed Eat the Document-style featurette depicting the touring and press-junketing life of ex-Moldy Peaches guy Adam Green, who is reviled in his native U.S.A. but revered by the Germans and the Dutch. Green, whose mouth never quite seals shut and whose hair is artfully bedheaded, is compelling to watch, a cross between Beck and Napoleon Dynamite.

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