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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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We are pleased to announce that the New York Times Book Review has bestowed its stamp of approval upon us with a cracking good review, thanks to Alan Light, editor of the sadly print-dormant (but still Web-active) Tracks magazine. In the same round-up of music titles (in the July 3 edition of the Review, with a cover illustration by Milton Glaser in which Bruce Springsteen looks curiously like Snob fave Garland Jeffreys), Mr. Light also gives favorable notices to Like a Rolling Stone by our Snob Overlord acquaintance Greil Marcus, and to A House on Fire, a book about Philly soul, which is itself an item on pp. 94-95 of our book.

For those of you who are new to this site, we’ll take a moment to tell you about its various riches and wonders. The Nitpicker’s Corner is our section in which readers of the book are welcomed to chastise us for our glaring omissions or errors, and for us to make fun of people who care too much about prog or the history of French yé-yé pop. Snob Comix! is our new section wherein acclaimed cartoonists do Rock Snobbery-themed comix; Mad’s Al Jaffee is our first contributor. And we also have a generous offering of excerpts from the book and a section in which we explain Rock Snobbery with David McCullough-like thoroughness and gravity. Enjoy, and buy the book for every Enoist and Beefheartian in your circle of severe friends!

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