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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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One of the oft-cited SEMINAL influences upon the Rock Snob brain trust is a middle-aged man named Ted Kamp who, as a youth, carted home vinyl LPs by such artists as Talking Heads, Captain Beefheart, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and, in one especially memorable instance, the then little-known Laurie Anderson, playing these records on the old turntable and forever altering the mindscape of his impressionable younger brother. Here, visiting brother Ted offers his perspective on moulding young minds into Snob shapes…

“It’s all my fault. But I wasn’t some sort of haughty record-store-clerk know-it-all. Or some argumentative King-Sunny-Ade-blows-away-Fela-and-Femi-Kuti polemicist. I was just an adventurous, sensitive, mentally disturbed youth who sought succor in a wide swath of the gifts of Calliope.

“And I resent being referred to as ‘middle-aged.’ I pass for A LOT younger. And then I mention seeing Art Blakey at the Blue Note, or, worse, seeing Elton at Madison Square Garden THE VERY NIGHT HE OUTED HIMSELF TO ROLLING STONE (!!!) and I am revealed. The main thing is:

1. I can kvell over the fact that my teenage psychosis and allowance money has created a younger brother who can speak knowledgably about Leland Sklar and Lester Bangs. And:

2. Ice Cream For Crow does REWARD REPEATED LISTENS.

Rock on, Snobs ’n’ Nitpickers.

Your Friend,
Ted Kamp”

June 26, 2005 More Rock Snobbery »

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