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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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To paraphrase the unfortunate-looking Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears, “He gave you life-and in return you GAVE HIM HELL!”

So why not make amends with Pop this Father’s Day by gifting him with The Rock Snob*s Dictionary? Statistics indicate that an increasing number of dads consider themselves Rock Snobs, and they’re no longer just the severe audiophiles of yore who flipped out if you used their Bang & Olufsen Beogram turntables to play your Duran Duran records. (“And you left the Zappa out of its sleeve!”) The modern iDad is young, active, and perversely interested in the back catalogue of Gang of Four. So, for less than it would cost to purchase him a skinny tie or Thurston Moore’s scandalously expensive Mix Tape book, you can present him with the paperback that will stoke the fires of his Rock Snobbery for the rest of his days. The Rock Snob*s Dictionary is now available not only wherever silly books are sold, but also via Urban Outfitters’ Web site.

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