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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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A choice passage from a 2003 New York Times article by Tom Vanderbilt about the Greenwich Village record shop and Rock Snob magnet Rockit Scientist, which is owned by one John Kioussis:

“I am no Luddite. I have bought many CD’s from I have taken advantage of the free shipping. Still, neither online trolling nor on-time UPS delivery compares with standing hunched over in the cramped gangway of Rockit Scientist, flipping through racks of angled jewel boxes. Maybe, in the background, some dissonant rave-up by the Seeds grinds on, but not loudly enough to drown out the vituperative argument between Mr. Kioussis and one of his regulars over the merits of albums most people have long forgotten. Such conversations are marked by heady, bristling and often confusing language, best digested in snatches; take this typical polemic from Mr. Kioussis about a collection of 1960’s Dutch pop, generally known as Nederbeat. ‘The problem I had with the box set,’ he began, ‘apart from the liner notes being in Dutch, is that they put in stuff like Brainbox, which doesn’t really flow into 60’s R&B. Where do you get the Outsiders, the Motions, Q65, then you put in Brainbox? You might as well put Supersister on there.’”

Nederbeat! How could we have missed that one?

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