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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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One of the newer additions to our Snobroll is Joe Clark, whose Fawny blog displays an informed, witty perturbedness about everything from typography to rock music to, er, the Toronto gay community. Anyway, Joe points out to us that the designers who did the cover of the British edition of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary used the font Cooper Black, which happens to be the famous typeface used on the cover of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.

Pursuant to this fact, we discovered this utterly delightful Behind the Music parody that brilliantly satirizes both Typeface Snobbery and Rock Snobbery while actually being informative to those of us who care about type usage, graphic design, and such. It takes a minute to load, but it really is one of the best found objets d’amusement on the Web.

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