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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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It’s a fact: Lots of dads are Rock Snobs. Whether it’s the scruffy, beleaguered first-timer who’s up at 3 a.m., nursing little Fiona with a bottle of breast-pumped milk while humming a lullaby version of Keith Richards’s “Little T&A,” or the greying boomer who loves Loudon and doesn’t get why his costume-designer son prefers Rufus, the American dad often finds solace in Rock Snobbery. Sometimes, if he’s particularly generous of spirit, he’ll take it upon himself to educate his children, burning them Marc Bolan career-retrospective CDs so they can understand the elfin Brit’s evolution from psychedelic freak to glam princeling.

So, now that it’s June, why not thank Dad with the perfect Father’s Day gift, The Rock Snob*s Dictionary? For less than it would cost to take him to a movie, or even to buy him a designer cocktail in a Manhattan hotel bar, you can present him with the paperback that will stoke the fires of his Rock Snobbery for the rest of his days. The Rock Snob*s Dictionary is now available not only wherever silly books are sold, but also via Urban Outfitters’ Web site.

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