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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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This morning, the Rock Snob brain trust appeared on San Francisco’s beloved KFOG Morning Show to perform our now finely honed promotional shtick. Except KFOG’s Dave Morey & co. are several cuts above the usual basso drive-time primates, and had genuinely smart questions. Including, what is the actual name of the swirly-shaped piece of plastic that is snapped into a 45 rpm record so that it can be played on a turntable? (In the book, we use a representation of this thingy to signify a Rock Snob Vanguard item, denoting “an entry subject who is held in especially sacred regard by Rock Snobs.”)

David suggested that this is simply called a “45 insert.” A listener called in and claimed the thingy is called a “spindle adapter.” Then Steven, in a characteristic moment of Glaswegian pluck, decided that, absent any concise term, the thingy should henceforth be called a “Greil.” We checked with Greil Marcus about this, who said “There IS a name for that thing, but damned if I can remember what it is.” Hours later, Greil amended his statement to say, “I think I used to call them plugs. Or, more likely, ‘those things for 45s.’”

Absent any further argument, those 45 inserts are, from this day forward, known as Greils.

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