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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Proving that Rock Snobbery knows no demographic limitations, we’ve been tipped this week by two distinctly different Web sites. Insound, the online music store whose lower-case credo is “indie emo garage punk noise electronic + essentials,” has trumpeted The Rock Snob*s Dictionary in its new newsletter, also running David and Steven’s Honest and Snob lists of Desert Island Discs.

Meanwhile, Alloy, a Web site for teen girls, has included The Rock Snob*s Dictionary on its “It List” of rilly, rilly cool stuff. Evidently, we’re right up there with Orlando Bloom and ThermaSilk hair products. “So turn your nose up and turn the page, rocker girl!” writes Alloy’s correspondent “Rebecca.” Thanks, ’Becca. To paraphrase Morrissey, you’ve made two happy men very old.

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