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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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We are pleased to announce that The Rock Snob*s Dictionary is now available not only wherever silly books are sold, but at the Paul Smith shop on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, at 16th Street. Mr. Smith, a thin, devilishly handsome fellow from Nottingham, England, looks every bit the rock personage himself, and has attracted all manner of musicians, Snobs, and combinations thereof to his clothing shops around the world. (Charlie Watts once told one of us that he buys his Paul Smith wares exclusively in Smith’s Tokyo shop because the sizes fit him better.) In the New York shop alone, whilst trying on skinny mod trousers, we’ve encountered the likes of Sean Lennon, Lenny Kravitz, Chris Martin, and, best of all, Nigel Mogg. Nigel is, as all you Rock Snobs know, not only the nephew of Phil Mogg, lead singer of the British “space metal” standard-bearers UFO, but the former bassist of Nancy Boy, the short-lived ’90s neo-glam band that was fronted by Donovan Leitch the Younger. Ever the fashionista, Nigel is now selling his own collection of “kick ass denim and rock-n-roll cashmere” (his words) via the Mogg Jeans brand.

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