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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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As this fellow will no doubt assure you, the only person more smug than a Rock Snob is a Comix Snob. We’ve now combined the two disciplines to create a new section, Snob Comix!, where, every once in a while, we’ll be enlisting the services of America’s finest cartoonists and illustrators to… do Rock Snob shtick.

We are honored to have Mad magazine’s legendary Al Jaffee* as our inaugural Snob Comix! contributor. Al does a bit called “Snobby Answers to Loser Questions!” For disclaimerish reasons, we’ll tell you that neither this site nor these particular drawings of Al’s have anything to do with Mad, though one of us did go to Mad’s office once at 485 MADison Avenue and got to meet the legendary publisher William Gaines.

* Yes, Al Jaffee really has done these drawings. Just to clear up some confusion: The “Illustrations by Ross MacDonald” credit that appears in tiny type at the bottom of each page of this site applies to the “banner” drawings up at the very top, the opening-page illo, and the little spot drawings in our excerpts section.

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