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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Whilst out motoring this weekend past, one of us heard a song on the radio that was unusually pleasing to the ear. At the song’s conclusion, the deejay came on to announce the title and artist: “Free Me,” by… Emma Bunton, the erstwhile Baby Spice. The horror, the shame, the… GUILTY PLEASURE!

So it occurs to us now that, in addition to offering up our lists of for-real Desert Island Discs and Snob-cred Desert Island Discs, we should offer up our lists of guilty pleasures, the sorts of musical treats that will destroy our Rock Snob credibility altogether. Look for these in a future posting, and feel free to send in your own thoughts. Meanwhile, content yourself with this import-only Guilty Pleasures compilation.

Re: Emma Bunton—if we were Elvis Costello, we’d feel compelled to justify our adoration of her song by placing it in some historical Snob context, saying it evokes the sultry sass of late-sixties Lulu, or musing on how the arrangement evokes John Barry’s work for Shirley Bassey, or, better yet, Tony Hatch’s for Petula Clark. But we’re just going to say we like the song. As participants in Bard College’s experimental Rock Snob Recovery Program—which calls for a 14-day moratorium on reading Mojo and listening to anything reissued by Sundazed—we feel comfortable enough about ourselves to come clean about this.

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