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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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For those of you in the New York area: On Thursday, May 5, at 8 p.m., the authors of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary will stage a live reading at Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee on West 10th Street, celebrated by New York magazine for having the best cup of coffee in New York City. Jack’s is in the West Village, on W. 10th Street between Greenwich Avenue and Waverly Place.

David and Steven will read with authentic Rock Snob musical accompaniment by guitarist and School of Rock actor Lucas Papaelias, and an author signing will follow. That’s author signing, and not, thank heavens, authors singing. Toby Cox of Three Lives & Company, the wonderful bookstore down the block, will be on hand to sell books to be signed.

We might add that Jack’s is a tiny place, which not only precludes our original plans to have a laser show, a bubble machine, and undulating dolly birds on pedestals, but means that Jack can’t fit a whole lot of people in. So get there early, or work out a system among your Snob friends to trade spots so that some of you can be there for “acetate” [p. 1] to “Mayall, John” [p. 70], and some of you can be around for “MC5, the” [p. 70] to “Zoso” [p. 149]. It’s supposed to be a lovely evening, weather-wise, so we hope you make it.

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