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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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The Johnny Marr-garitas and Slint Juleps poured freely at Vanity Fair’s launch party for The Rock Snob*s Dictionary at Andre Balazs’s groovy new Hotel QT on Wednesday, and we thank the magazine for its support. We also thank those of you who squeezed into Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee for our reading on Thursday evening, and our accompanist Lucas Papaelias for his expert guitar-picking and adept mimickry of everyone from Tom Verlaine to Nick Drake to Chic. Someone give this young man a recording contract!

As The Rock Snob*s Dictionary goes back to press for its second printing, we offer our gratitude to Eno, god of ambience, and Bez, god of good vibes, for the good fortune we’ve enjoyed. Keep an eye out for news of further readings and events.

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