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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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A word about the two conspicuously non-rock links on our Snobroll. The first is to James Wolcott’s eminently satisfying site. Though Jim has been blogging more on subjects political and mediathonical than rockological, his Rock Snob bona fides are unquestionable: He hung out at CBGB in the late 1970s and actually interviewed Tom Verlaine once! He has also kindly praised our site and its graphic design, noting that it’s “kind of Britishy in its lapidary look,” the credit for which goes to our wonderful designer, Sekimori. In his day job at Vanity Fair, Jim Wolcott is the greatest magazine critic working today, the Bunny Wilson, nay, the Dwight Macdonald, nay, the Kenneth Tynan of his era. (If and when we get around to writing The Public Intellectual Snob*s Dictionary—and what a unit-shifter that would be!—we’ll tell you who those people are.)

We have also newly linked to Ben Schott’s site, for Ben, over in Britain, is a kindred spirit. His Schott’s Miscellany series of books has set the gold standard for exquisitely type-set compendiums (compendia?) of useless information. And there is some rock stuff in his books, such as his “Untimely Deaths of Musicians” chart in Schott’s Original Miscellany.

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