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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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We’re moved by the outpouring of suggestions for the “next edition” or “second volume” of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary, the inference being that the book will sell well enough for Broadway Books to order second, third, fourth, and nineteenth printings, and then demand an all-new “special edition” with bonus material—as Broadway’s corporate sibling, Doubleday, has done with The Da Vinci Code. Well, sure, gang, keep buying the book, and maybe this will happen. We’re imagining a “Director’s Cut” of Rock Snob with outtakes, author commentary, and special CGI simulations by Pixar of the vehicle-crash deaths of Marc Bolan, Duane Allman, and Nico. (Speaking of Director’s Cuts, keep an eye out for The Film Snob*s Dictionary… coming in early 2006.)

In any event, we’ve received some good ideas for inclusion in an amended version of Rock Snob, among them:

Great American Songbook, the. (Irrititating crit trope.)
Modern Lovers, the. (SEMINAL Boston band.)
Visconti, Tony. (Frequently interviewed Bowie-Bolan producer.)

And then there was the fellow who apoplectically asked us why we didn’t include Edgard Varese, avant-garde composer and Zappa muse. Sir, the “Varese, Edgar” entry is on page 132.

We plan on creating a new section on this site for Should’ves (things that should’ve made the book), but for now, send such ideas to The Nitpicker’s Cornerafter you’ve purchased and thoroughly perused the book.

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