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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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One of the dark, shameful secrets of the Rock Snob brain trust is that one half of it (the shorter, Scottish half named Steven) was once an actual rock musician in a SEMINAL Glaswegian band called Orange Juice. Next month,to coincide, more or less, with the publication of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary, Domino Records will release, for the first time ever in the U.S.A., a compilation of Orange Juice’s early work called The Glasgow School.

Here’s a quote from the rather extraordinary press release: “Orange Juice were ‘indie’ before ‘indie’ was a word, and their provocative sound and image was unlike anything anyone had ever heard… Scottish bands like Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, and Jesus and Mary Chain will all concur: If it were not for Orange Juice in the late ’70s and early ’80s, they would not sound the way they do… One listen to The Glasgow School will throw the floodgates wide open. Orange Juice’s delicate melodies, disco basslines, and sexy masc/fem ambiguity were unlike anything anyone had ever heard.”

To see photographs of Steven in his “sexy masc/fem” heyday, pick up a copy of the April issue of Uncut magazine, the one with The Band on the cover. The pageboy haircut was acceptable for men back then.

On a more serious note, we send our best wishes to former Orange Juice leader Edwyn Collins, who is recovering from a grave illness.

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