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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Thanks to the book’s publication on April 12 and lots of mentions of on the radio and in places like James Wolcott’s blog, E!Online’s site, and Gawker, we’ve experienced a huge upsurge in traffic to this site. Which makes this an opportune moment to re-introduce ourselves. is the online home of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary, and, while it was conceived to promote the book and edify non-Snobs the world over, we’re also adding lots of original content (look for announcements about this in coming weeks) and inviting readers to out-Snob us in the section called The Nitpicker’s Corner. As we note there, nothing pleases a Rock Snob more than showing up another Rock Snob, and The Nitpicker’s Corner affords purchasers of the book the chance to tell us where we’ve gotten things wrong. Both celebrity and civilian Nitpickers have already seized upon this opportunity, as a trawl through the Nitpicker’s Archives will show.

We might add that we’re thrilled, if not exactly surprised, at how many e-mails we’ve received from Great Britain, the Rock Snobbiest country in the world. Even though the book’s U.K. publication date is still almost three months away, several British readers have ordered The Rock Snob*s Dictionary online, paying a premium for the import version—just like we Americans do when we hear there’s a new Sigur Ros album out!

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