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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Bostonians awoke this morning to a teaser on the front page of their broadsheet, the Boston Globe, asking them if they wanted to be “rock ‘n’ roll snobs.” Inside the paper, in the arts section, they found Mark Feeney’s interview with the Rock Snob brain trust, David Kamp and Steven Daly, which you’re welcome to view here.

Being (recovering) Rock Snobs, we can’t resist listing two footnotes to Mr. Feeney’s piece:

1. When Mr. Kamp likens Mr. Daly’s former group, Orange Juice, to the Pixies, he’s speaking not of any musical similarity—O.J. was way wussier than the Pixies—but of the way both bands posthumously gained greater repute in their native lands than when they existed. (The Pixies have since gone on to reunite, but, thus far, VH1’s excitable Aamer Haleem has not ambushed Mr. Daly in his dingy warren, begging him to help reconfigure O.J. for a Bands Reunited episode.)

2. The Stooges’ 7-disc Complete Fun House set from Rhino Handmade, to which Mr. Daly alludes, actually costs $120, not $100. And, alas, Rhino Handmade dropped from its catalog the Jobriath album of which Mr. Daly makes sardonic mention (in his Desert Island Discs list). The album ended up being released by Morrissey’s Attack imprint, a division of Sanctuary.

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