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The Annals of Rock Snobbery

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Blender magazine has put its lovely five-star review of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary online, and you may access it here.

On another note, there’s no finer web site for the Archivalist Snob than Rock’s Back Pages, “the online library of Rock & Roll,” administered by our alarmingly thin friend Barney Hoskyns. For just six dollars a month or $50 a year, you get unlimited access to Barney’s awesome trove of rock writings by rock critics past—the really good stuff from Crawdaddy! (see p. 25 of our book), Mojo (see p. 73), the good-old-days Rolling Stone and New Musical Express, and so on. Whether you’re a 45-year-old seeking to relive your prog heyday or a 19-year-old who wishes to become an Eno expert, Rock’s Back Pages is the place to go!

You also get a weekly update e-mail every Sunday of what they’ve added to the site, and it always gives the Rock Snob brain trust a chuckle. In particular, we loved this entry from Barney & co.’s most recent bulletin: “Lenny Kaye is unmoved by Fanny’s ‘Charity Ball’ (Rolling Stone, 1971).”

For more info on Fanny, see p. 39 of The Rock Snob*s Dictionary; for more info on Lenny Kaye, see p. 85.

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